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Daewoo Logistics Corp. has established "PT. Daewoo Logistics Indonesia" for part-taking in such natural resources development business as Oil-Palm Plantation, Corn Farm, Coal Mine, and Trading.

Through investing huge investment for Palm Oil plantation project, PT. Daewoo Logistics Corp. is intending to maximize profits in natural resources development business and is planning to expand its business scale in corn cultivation and production.

By expanding logistics channel, we are focusing on revitalization of warehouse and trying to expand the sales.

In mining field, we are gaining geological information of potential coal mine and to be carefully observing the business possibility.

Our business in Madagascar was initialized by taking a part of shipping and logistics to support Ambatovy Nickel project in the early of 2008, a joint mining operation among SHERITT, KORES, and SUMITOMO.

Through our subsidiary in Madagascar which was established in 2008, we are extending business in natural resources development by guaranteeing plantation sites for maize and palm.

Other business in natural resources development is mining business Limestone Quarry.

We are cooperating with local corp. through joint operation for not only localization but also globalization. It is very essential to overseas business of natural resources development.

Based on our strong know-how in logistics and shipping, we ensure the successful resources development business.